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The Cloud Just Got Easier.

We recommend the ideal web platform and cloud server setup and then deploy it all for you. It's that easy!

Know which platform you want?
Choose your own...
Just need Cloud Hosting? We have reliable
and affordable options.
Why we're awesome

Recommendation Engine

Just answer a few simple questions about your website and Tribeca Cloud generates a recommendation for the ideal open-source platform, most useful plug-ins and the best server set-up for your needs.

Automated Backups

We keep your critical data safe by providing daily automated backup protection. So if anything ever goes wrong, you know your data is always available and can be easily recovered.

Hosting Solutions

Once you approve your Recommendation, we’ll set up your server(s) and install your platform and plug-ins and deploy it to the cloud. Tribeca Cloud offers a variety of affordable hosting plans.

Platform- & Server-Level Support

Get help fast with our 24/7 phone and email support. Our experienced support team will help solve your server issues quickly and can provide expert assistance with any platform or plug-in questions.

Powerful Management Dashboard

Our intuitive, feature-rich Management Dashboard makes administration extremely easy. You can deploy and manage multiple projects, organize projects in groups, monitor server and bandwidth usage and more.


Need to boost your server size to accommodate spikes in traffic or growth of your site? You can easily scale your server space as needed right from your Management Dashboard.

Knowledge Center

Discover a wealth of useful information about our service, get answers to your questions and learn more about open-source platforms and plug-ins, Web development and design, cloud hosting and more.

Top Open-Source Platforms

As long-time supporters of the Open Source community we are providing a wide selection of popular open-source platforms so you can build and manage any type of website or application.